Chrissy Anne

Soul in Stillness

Empower your HAPPY with one SOULFUL version of YOU



I’ll help you TRANSCEND life’s demands. Find SOUL in STILLNESS. Take action in 100% ALIGNMENT with who you really are & EMPOWER you to live your BEST LIFE.

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I Once was Lost & Now I’m ME


What women are saying about

SOUL in STILLNESS (half day) Retreat:

In their own words, women arrived:

  • anxious, weary, tired, stressed, overwhelmed, confused, unsure, disconnected

And left:

  • peaceful, alive, free, awakened, happy, energized, completely connected, inspired, confident she is on the right path and clear about where she is going


Chrissy Anne helped me get out of my sadness and sorrow to find my voice again. I’ve got a new job and I’m starting to see remnants of the old me coming back. I’ve learned that it’s OK to feel glimmers of HAPPINESS again.”-N.C.

When I contacted Chrissy Anne, I was terrified of letting go of the emotions I had buried deep within. She helped my go back to my HEART, made me feel SAFE, and I was able to face my fear of breaking down and shed a layer. If you’re ready to experience HEALING, Chrissy Anne is your woman!

C. S.

I really struggled with a high level of fear and anxiety before working with Chrissy Anne. She helped me gain a sense of INNER PEACE and RECLAIM a DEEPER KNOWING that I am supported in this world.