Chrissy Anne

Live YOUr Soul

in the Messiness of Life


Our soul is the essence of who we truly are, spiritual beings. So what are we doing here having a human experience? How does our soul come into play? How do we live a greater purpose in the mundane, busy, and sometimes messy life we find ourselves in?

Join the contemplation while we live out the answers together in a community of like hearted people…

Grief Stricken to Soulful Living




“You have no idea how much your workshop helped me get out of my sadness and sorrow and help me find my voice again. I’ve got a new job, and am starting to see remnants of the old me coming back. I’ve learned how to cry when I need to cry but also that it’s ok to feel glimmers of happiness again.” Nathalie Charette

 “Since my husband has passed away, I’ve realized that grief has no time schedule. Every time I feel myself slipping, I contact Chrissy and she always seems to know what to say or do to lift my spirits. Chrissy’s services for grief support have helped me beyond words.” J.J. 

“I would attend anything that Chrissy is offering. After I attended her workshop, I’m doing so much better. I feel like I’m able to move through my days again.” Nathalie