Chrissy Anne

Be who you are on a SOUL level

in all that YOU do! (The woman that is deeply CONNECTED & MORE than the roles she plays.)


I’ll help you LIVE from within, take action in 100% ALIGNMENT with who you really are (with CONFIDENCE). And suddenly, YOU’ll find yourself living more PEACE, CLARITY and dare I say more HAPPY.

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Grief Stricken to Soulful Living




“You have no idea how much Chrissy Anne helped me get out of my sadness and sorrow to find my voice again. Because of working with Chrissy Anne, I’ve got a new job and I’m starting to see remnants of the old me coming back. I’ve learned how to cry when I need to cry but also that it’s OK to feel glimmers of HAPPINESS again.”-Nathalie Charette

When I contacted Chrissy, I was terrified of letting go of the emotions I had buried deep within. It felt like a ton of bricks was on my chest. It felt like a pressure cooker inside and just could not let it go. I didn’t understand and I was panicking. She helped my go back to my HEART and made me feel SAFE. We meditated and a SHIFT happened. Chrissy gave me permission to go into the ugly cry without being attached to why. The reason for this wave of emotion going through me was valid. I let go of my judgment towards it and from there, I was able to face my fear of breaking down and shed a layer. If you’re ready to experience HEALING, Chrissy Anne is your woman!

Carole Surette 

Chrissy Anne is really there for me as a coach and helped me gain a sense of INNER PEACE and RECLAIM a DEEPER KNOWING that I am supported in this world. I really struggled with a high level of fear and anxiety before I started working with Chrissy Anne. When I feel scared I am now able to work through it more easily because of my work with her. It feels like such a gift to know that I am fully supported by the universe and by Chrissy Anne. I highly recommend her if you are looking to hire an intuitive spiritual coach who truly creates a beautiful safe space for you to share your struggles and dreams.