Grief Stricken to Soulful Living


Hi I’m Chrissy Anne. This is my heart story….


It begins with grief. 11 years old, my grandfather passes away.

Who I know myself to be falls apart.

Shortly after, I move schools leaving friends behind. The last piece to my identity as I know it at 11 years old slips away.

Lonely, empty, and scared. Unsure how to deal with the agony of it all I turn to…

alcohol, then drugs with depression and suicidal thoughts setting in at age 16. Now anti-depressants added to the numbing elixir.

Early twenties, I pull myself from addiction replacing it with working way too much; taking a full course load at university while working 30 hours a week. Late twenties, I achieve my Chartered Accountancy designation, begin climbing the corporate ladder, and keep working too much.

By early 30’s, I have everything on my “I will be happy when list” yet I am miserable. Empty inside.

Then at 34, married to the love of my life, I am pregnant with our firstborn. My inner world stirs with a renewed sense of purpose. Could this be what happy feels like? Then..

November 14, 2011, 8.5 months pregnant, I find myself at labour and delivery. The air silenced with the Doctor’s words, “I’m sorry. There is no heartbeat.”

At 4lb, 6oz , our baby boy, Carter is born still with my husband’s black hair and my button nose. He is a sight of perfection that never took a breath.

My inner world now shattered. All that remains, a darkness too heavy to bare. A brokenness that brings me to my knees.

A surrender to the depths of my sorrow. Hitting bottom only too find my Soul catching me, “I’ve got you.”

Step by step. Breath by breath. My Soul guides me through my worst nightmare, my biggest pain. Along the way calling bulls*** on beliefs that were the foundation of my life up to this point. (the biggest one…where I lived from the expectations of others).

When I finally connected to my soul-it felt like I came alive for the first time. I found a love and support that is unshakeable and a wisdom that never falters. Best of all I tapped into who I am on a soul level-the woman that is deeply connected AND is more that the roles she plays. I found me. And I swore I’ll never lose her EVER again.

My path back to my Soul can be summed up by Be Still. Know. I am.

And in that stillness I know I AM here to help you find SOULFUL ALIGNMENT in all you do and all that life brings. To step toward a vision of YOU that’s EXPANSIVE & more ALIGNED with your HIGHER SELF than you’ve been in your entire life. Help you find the hidden MAGIC within YOU waiting to be AWAKENED.

So..I resigned my Chartered Accountancy. Studied fiercely obtaining solid knowledge on how to teach you to arrive at this greater purpose in life:

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Level ® with Natacha Thebeau, founder of Atlantic NLP;

  • Grief Recovery Method ® with John W. James founder of the Grief Recovery Institute;

  • ThetaHealing with Denise Carson of Source Power Healing;

  • Autopoetic Facilitator certification program with Spiritual Coach and Hay House Author, Anne Bérubé, Ph.D.


A further glimpse into my heart story. What numbing grief looked like for me. How I shifted things, transcended my suffering and began a soulful life.