Chrissy Anne, Intuitive Spiritual Coach, presents:


Ready! to be more aligned with your HIGHER SELF than you’ve been in your entire life……

…..then this 6-week online program (wrapped in a sacred sisterhood), is the perfect fit for you.


During this online intensive, you’ll decode your life’s experiences and fit the puzzle pieces together of the LIFE YOU WERE MEANT TO LIVE.


“You have no idea how much you helped me get out of my sadness and sorrow to find my voice again. Because of working with you, I’ve got a new job and I’m starting to see remnants of the old me coming back. I’ve learned how to cry when I need to cry but also that it’s OK to feel glimmers of HAPPINESS again.”

-Nathalie Charette



April 8 to May 17, 2019


ONLY 6 women

(let’s keep it intimate,shall we?)


Connect to your intuition.

Find the wisdom of your soul.

Listen to your inner calling.

(it’s been wrapped up inside your story all along).


That feeling there’s something missing?

This vague but oh-so strong sense

there’s more to life?

The answer lies within your story.

And you’ve just found a safe place to tell it.

All of it.


Here’s what we’ll do

Tell Your Story

Put voice your story. Unravel your life experiences and connect the dots. We’ll make room for clarity to surface, so insights can make themselves known. All while being deeply heard and supported by heart-centered women like yourself.

Bust Through Blocks

Shed light on what’s blocking you from living in complete alignment with who you really are. Instead of resisting, you’ll learn a process for moving gracefully through the limiting stories, so you can support yourself fully on your soul’s path.


Hear Your Soul

Discover what your soul has been telling you this entire time. Learn how to listen to your inner intuition and what to do with the wisdom of your soul. Get connected to the signposts, the golden nuggets and ignite your life.

Live Your Vision

Let’s tie it all together. Walk away with practical, easy tips to begin living your soul in all you do. Live one version of yourself, within all the roles that you play.


What happens when you join a resigned Chartered Accountant become Certified Facilitator & Healer...

… who loves walks in the woods and devours books like “The Shack”?


You start Thriving in life. Simply by being YOU. (Yes, it is possible).


I used to live life according to what others expected of me (talk about being miserable!). I know how it feels to IGNORE that feeling it your chest.

That’s whispering…

“There’s MORE to life”

Instead of pushing through the mundane, the suffering and accepting the status quo, honour that call inside of you that’s asking FOR MORE. I’ll help you find more PEACE, CLARITY, and dare I say...



Included in this online program is:

  • Direct and custom support from Chrissy Anne

  • Weekly personalized pdf journaling prompts & questions

  • Weekly meditations Facebook live style

  • Three 2-hour, online group sessions including 1-1 time with Chrissy Anne

  • Weekly Facebook live lessons videos + access to Soul of Your Story community

  • Individualized plan for moving forward (100% aligned with who you are.)


April 8 to May 17, 2019


ONLY 6 women

Come gather, let’s get to know each other!


I’m Chrissy Anne, resigned Chartered Accountant turn Certified Facilitator & Healer (and Mom of 2 toddlers! and a baby boy in heaven)


And here’s what I did to replace my suffering with a sense of wonder (and then some!) Aligned with my Soul in all I do.


Age 30, everything on my “I will be happy when list” was mine yet a miserable emptiness is what I felt inside. (far from happy)...

...I know how it feels to ignore that knowing inside your chest that there is more to life. When I finally connected to my soul-it felt like I came alive for the first time.

Rekindling with my higher self, I found a love and support that is unshakable and a wisdom that never falters. Best of all I found me. And I swore I’ll never lose her EVER again.

I called bulls*** on the foundation I built my life on up to this point… (the one where I lived from the expectations of others)- and tapped into who I am on a soul level-the woman that is deeply connected AND is more than the roles she plays.

Now, I support women all around the world to help them fuse soul, spirit, and intuition into their everyday life- and step toward a vision of themselves that's expansive and aligned… and you want a piece of that, because you want SO MUCH MORE (and you can have it, too).

If you’re ready to get more aligned with your higher self in the next 6 weeks than you’ve been in your entire life, then Soul of Your Story is PERFECT FOR YOU.


Whatever YOUR STORY is

(maybe you’re a mom looking to find herself again, maybe you’re a business women looking to make her mark, maybe you’re simply ready for MORE out of Life).

...This is your opportunity to step into your Soul’s Alignment with a group of Soul Sisters.

Ready to take the leap?