Soulful Conversations

Once I was a Grief Coach, now morphed into a Spiritual Coach, as the evolution continues the conversations remain important. Enjoy these soulful conversations that will lighten your Heart, provide Hope and support you in finding Soul in Stillness within you.

A soulful conversation with Nicky Jones, an international acclaimed yoga teacher, writer, and grief activist. Nicky shares with us love, loss, and her reclaim on life. A true heart opening inspiration. You can find her at

A chat with the soulful Estelle Thomson Art & Yoga and Chrissy Anne, Spiritual Grief Coach (chat starts just after 4min mark)

Languange of Spirit and Grief. A soulful chat with Aboriginal Medium Shawn Leonard and Chrissy Anne, Spiritual Grief Coach.

A soulful conversation with Jacynte Leger, Certified Yoga Instructor and Chrissy Anne, Spiritual Grief Coach